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Our Booksellers are passionate about reading, and this page is dedicated to providing our guests with the most up-to-date literary recommendations. In addition to our Staff Picks, we will select one featured title per month so that you can stay current and informed on what’s what in the world of books!  

“So many books, so little time.”

– Frank Zappa

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“The disturbing intensity of the novel hearkens to Moshfegh’s acclaimed McGlue and Eileen, but this story feels far more riotous, debauched and voracious.” —Washington Post

“What impresses here is not so much Moshfegh’s abilities with character or narrative, or even her language . . . as the qualities Lapvona shares with a Francis Bacon painting: depicting in blood-red vitality, without morals or judgment, the human animal in its native chaos.” —The Guardian

“The edgy novelist’s new book imagines a wholly realistic medieval village rife with plagues and schemes and dastardly characters. She has crafted a trenchant allegory of life in these United States over the past several years, not coincidentally also filled with plagues and schemes and dastardly leaders. Moshfegh makes the same old story new by setting it in the past, wielding her pen like an Arcimboldian brush to sketch in the mechanics of corruption.” Los Angeles Times 

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