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Our Booksellers are passionate about reading, and this page is dedicated to providing our guests with the most up-to-date literary recommendations. In addition to our Staff Picks, we will select one featured title per month so that you can stay current and informed on what’s what in the world of books!  

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“Just when it seems there are nothing but chronicles of decline and ruin comes Lauren Groff’s Matrix, about a self-sufficient abbey of 12th-century nuns—a shining, all-female utopian community…  it is finally its spirit of celebration that gives this novel its many moments of beauty.” Wall Street Journal

“In Lauren Groff’s hands, the tale of a medieval nunnery is must-read fiction.“ -The Washington Post

“Stunning…grand, mythic…feels both ancient and urgent, as holy as it is deeply human.”- Entertainment Weekly

“The Show Girl” was a great historical novel by Nicola Harrison. Olive arrives in New York with aspirations of becoming a showgirl. While working at an event in California, she was approached by Mr. Ziegfeld who asks her to look him up if she ever makes it to the east coast. Yet, Olive’s road to stardom is more than Mr. Ziegfeld merely granting her a wish. While the setting is historical, Olive’s struggles to find herself are authentic. The author did an amazing job in putting the reader right into the culture and world of New York in 1920s. Her descriptions of how a young girl such as Olive would view this world resonate. Even the dialogue rings true of the time. Olive is a dynamic and sassy young woman, who the reader cannot help to root for (even when she makes what appears to be rather apparent mistakes). I could not put this novel down as the author’s style really pulls you in and makes you care what happens to Olive.
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