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Our Booksellers are passionate about reading, and this page is dedicated to providing our guests with the most up-to-date literary recommendations. In addition to our Staff Picks, we will select one featured title per month so that you can stay current and informed on what’s what in the world of books!  

“So many books, so little time.”

– Frank Zappa

Recommend Read

The Family Chao is a riveting character-driven novel that delves beautifully into human psychology; Dostoevsky himself would surely approve.” – Ilana Masad, NPR
“A playful literary romp with a serious heart. Ostensibly it’s a murder mystery…but it’s also an exploration of genre, of literary types and stereotypes, and the impact of these types on the hopes and dreams of its characters… The action soars… Chang’s narrative [is] operatic and subversive.” – May-Lee Chai, Minneapolis Star Tribune
“A hilarious mystery that’s also a searing take on assimilation and the American dream.” – People Magazine

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