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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when I am receiving my book each month?

Great question. Books are released on different dates each month. We ship on the publishers release date. You will receive your book on varying dates each month. We will send you a confirmation email notifying you that your book has been shipped.

Where do I send my book if I would like to make an exchange? 

Attn: Bookstore Manager
420 West Kennedy Boulevard
Tampa, Florida 33606

What if I would like  to exchange a month’s selection for a different title? 

We are happy to make an exchange by offering a credit to The Bookstore, or an even exchange of the retail value of the book. $10 Shipping & Handling charges are non-refundable. Any additional shipping fees will be the responsibility of the customer. Please call 813-253-0222 x 114 if you have any questions in regards to titles in stock, or on how to perform an exchange.

How do I cancel my OE Bookshelf subscription?

Cancellation is easy! Please let us know as soon as you would like to cancel your membership. Please note we can only cancel your membership for the upcoming month, we cannot cancel your membership for a month that has already shipped. Please call 813-253-0222 x 114 or email bookstore@oxfordexchange.com in order to cancel your membership.

I would love to give a membership as a gift! How can I give OE Bookshelf or OE Kidshelf as a gift?

When purchasing a six-month or 1-year subscription, select Gift Wrap in your cart before checking out. This will notify us that you would like the subscription as a gift. Make sure to put the receiver’s information in under Shipping Address so it goes to the right person. You also have the option of adding a gift note for the first shipment!

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